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Acacia baileyana Purpurea (3lt)
Lovely purple/silver leafed small tree for a large conservatory or a sheltered sunny position out..
Acacia pravissima (3lt)
Fluffy yellow flowers in late winter-spring. One of the hardier Mimosas, fine for unheated conser..
Acer campestre
Field Maple.  Excellent for hedging, or as a lovely natural tree, turning butter yellow in a..
Acer campestre Carnival (7.5lt)
Variegated field Maple. This variety makes a strikingly beautiful small tree with white and green..
Acer campestre Postelense (10lt)
Golden leaved Field Maple.  This is a smashing shrub or small tree for dappled shade. Bronze..
Acer palmatum Bloodgood (35lt)
A lovely small tree with divided dark maroon foliage turning red in autumn. Bright red leaf stems..
Acer palmatum Butterfly (3lt)
Pale green leaves, edged with coral pink when young maturing to white. Humus rich, well drained s..
Acer palmatum dissectum Emerald Lace (3lt)
A foliage shrub or small tree with deeply divided, finely cut lush green leaves in spring that ge..
Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet (20lt)
Very finely cut deep reddish foliage.  Forms an exceptionally striking mushroom shaped bush...
Acer palmatum dissectum Seiryu (20lt)
A beautiful small tree with a more upright habit than the species.  Very finely cut foliage ..
Acer palmatum Katsura (7.5lt)
Pale orange young growth with red edges, turning a rich green in summer. Yellow and orange autumn..
Acer palmatum Senkaki (7.5lt)
Coral Bark Maple. A lovely small tree for winter effect. Young branches coral red. Foliage turns ..
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