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Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple (3lt)
Deep purple velvety leaves all summer that turn colour to give a fiery display reds and oranges i..
Achillea Walther Funcke (1lt)
Soft silvery foliage. Bright orange flowers through the summer. Any soil in sun or part shade. De..
Selinum wallichianum (1.5lt)
Beautiful finely divided, lacy, fern like foligae grows in tiers and from mid to late summer redd..
Sedum Ruby Glow (1lt)
Low growing perennial. Purple green leaves are topped by clusters of star shaped ruby red flowers..
Lilium formosanum Pricei (2lt)
Heavily scented white trumpet flowers with purple/red stripes to the backs of the petals in s..
Helleborus x hybridus Yellow Spotted (1lt)
Serrated edged glossy dark green leaves form an attractive evergreen mound. From late winter thro..
Euphorbia x martinii Walbertons Ruby Glow (1lt)
Deep green flushed red leaves through the summer becoming a rich ruby colour through winter and i..
Euphorbia characias wulfenii Shorty (1lt)
A compact evergreen perennial with grey-green, glaucus foliage which remains attractive in winter..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Crista Barlow (1lt)
(Columbine). Vigorous upright clump forming deciduous perennial with double dark purple and white..
Clematis Brunette (A)
An unusual and very attractive introduction. Flowers, which come in early summer, are pendulous a..
Luzula sylvatica (1.5lt)
Bright evergreen tufts of grass like leaves to around 50cm high and wide. Rusty brown flower spik..
Chaenomeles x superba Pink Lady (5lt)
'Flowering Quince' 'Japanese Quince'. A spreading thorny shrub with mid-green glossy leaves. Clus..
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