Customer Feedback:


"We really enjoyed the guided tour.  We learned a great deal.

Your very extensive gardens with mature and centennial trees were a lovely sight, and your skill in locating, combining and dealing with plants an inspiration.  (We also loved the lemon cake, and the chickens, both Polish and ‘snow-shoed’.)"


Just wanted to say how well stocked and good the nursery was looking yesterday. " 


Just a big thank you for the very informative walk around your grounds and gardens on Sunday afternoon.  We are both very appreciative of the information and hints on plants that you gave us.

Keep up the good work and if you have another open day in another season, please let us know by your very informative monthly newsletter that we always look forward to receiving.

Again thank you and your always helpful staff."



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Osteospermum Buttermilk (1lt)
Soft, butter yellow flowers throughout summer. Height and spread to around 80cm. Any soil in sun...
Dryopteris affinis Cristata (The King) (1.5lt)
A beautifully crested form of the Male Fern. Graceful arching fronds of crisped green. Symmetrica..
Luzula sylvatica (1.5lt)
Bright evergreen tufts of grass like leaves to around 50cm high and wide. Rusty brown flower spik..
Thermopsis rhombifolia var.montana (1lt)
Rhizomatous deciduous perennial with spikes of yellow pea-like flowers above attractive bright green..
Persicaria runcinata Purple Fantasy (2lt)
Lush maroon and purple new foliage matures green and develops triangular shaped purple and white ..
Salvia greggii Violin Music (1lt)
Bushy evergreen perennial with spikes of purple/blue flowers from June right through to the first..
Scabiosa atropurpurea Ace Of Spades (1lt)
Lots of darkest red almost black pincushion flowers from June to September.  Height and spre..
Sanguisorba officinalis Tanna (1lt)
A dwarf variety with small dark red flowers from June to August. Forms a slowly spreading mat ser..
Fatsia japonica (3lt)
Japanese Aralia. A spreading evergreen shrub with deeply lobed, dark green leaves. Round creamy w..
Sedum Ruby Glow (1lt)
Low growing perennial. Purple green leaves are topped by clusters of star shaped ruby red flowers..
Hoheria Ace of Spades (10lt)
Glossy green, ovate, toothed leaves are normally evergreen except in very harsh winters. Grows to..
Knautia macedonica
Deepest maroon pincushion flowers in profusion from June-September. Height and spread to around 8..
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