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Buddleja davidii Buzz Sky Blue (2lt)
The new Buzz series Buddlejas are ideal for containers as well as borders and stand alone shrubs...
Asplenium trichomanes (1lt)
A beautiful little fern ideal for crevices or cracks in walls or for rockery. Height and spread t..
Pennisetum alopecuroides Red Head (1lt)
Green foliage reveals gold tones with cooler fall temperatures. Begins to show its huge, bottlebr..
Skimmia japonica Wakehurst White (female) (3lt)
Glossy dark green leaves, scented flowers in spring followed by clusters of white berries that ri..
Hedera helix Buttercup (2lt)
Slow growing evergreen climber with rich golden yellow, lobed leaves in sun, which are paler and ..
Geranium Johnsons Blue (1.5lt)
Lavender blue flowers produced above deeply divided leaves in early summer. Cut back immediately ..
Rosa Geranium (moyesii hybrid) (6lt)
Shrub rose moyesii hybrid. Single, claret red flowers in June followed by glossy red bottle shape..
Salvia microphylla Pink Blush (1lt)
Open growing Salvia with small scented leaves and tall flower spikes with large lipped soft pink ..
Vinca minor La Grave (1.5lt)
Compact growth and strong blue flowers intermittently through summer. A good attractive evergreen..
Echinacea pallida (1lt)
Erect perennial with stems of daisy like purpley pink flowers with orange centres from July to Au..
Persicaria amplexicaulis Blackfield (1lt)
Black tipped buds open to dusky scarlet flowers over a long period through summer. Bushy growth w..
Viburnum plicatum Mary Milton (7.5lt)
A truly spectacular apple blossom pink snowball bush. Accordian pleated leaves open first, bronze..
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