Bamboos and Grasses

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Imperata cylindrica Rubra (1lt)
Blood grass aptly named due to its superb, rich, ruby red foliage through the summer. A great imp..
Leymus arenarius (3lt)
Lyme grass. Attractive blue leaved grass. Excellent for binding soil on banks. Invasive. Can withsta..
Libertia ixioides 'Goldfinger' (1lt)
Wonderful golden and greeny brown striped, spikey foliage. White flowers in summer. Any moist, fe..
Miscanthus sinensis Adagio (2lt)
This compact form grows to only 1.5m producing a wonderful profusion of feathery plumes extending..
Miscanthus sinensis Blutenwunder (5lt)
Graceful arching clumps of green foliage with a white midrib look fabulous as statement plant..
Miscanthus sinensis condensatus Cabaret (3lt)
Clump forming, very tall Miscanthus growing to 2.4m high, with an eventual spread of 1.2m. Long r..
Miscanthus sinensis Flamingo (5lt)
Rose-pink pendant flowers on red stems from August to October. Good autumn colour. Any well drain..
Miscanthus sinensis Gold Bar (2.5lt)
Compact, clump forming. Pink to silvery grey flower spikes are produced above green leaves with hori..
Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Fontane (Little Fountain) (2lt)
A very good form of miscanthus that has repeat flowers from july onwards. Similar to grosse fonta..
Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus (2lt)
A reliable flowering form of miscanthus with fairly wide leaves that grows to about 5ft (1.5m). F..
Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light (2lt)
Attractive narrow silver edged foliage. Pale crimson flowers in sept-oct. Height to 6ft (2m). Try mi..
Miscanthus sinensis Strictus (1.5lt)
Upright habit with green leaves with horizontal yellow stripes similar to Zebrinus but with a mor..
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