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Cornus controversa Variegata (10lt)
Wedding cake tree. Dark green leaves with creamy white margins turning red and purple in Autumn. ..
Cornus Eddie's White Wonder (3lt)
Mid green leaves turn orange, red and purple in Autumn. Large white bracts that turn pink as they..
Cornus florida Rainbow (10lt)
A superb and award winning variegated form of flowering dogwood. White flower bracts in May-June ..
Cornus kousa chinensis China Girl (10lt)
An improved form of kousa chinensis. China Girl grows to around 6m x 5m.  In late spring to ..
Cornus kousa Teutonia (10lt)
A lovely form bred in Europe as opposed to the USA. Large white bracts cover the bush in May-June..
Cornus kousa Wolf Eyes (5lt)
An unusual variegated form of flowering dogwood from the USA that has large white flower brac..
Cornus mas (3lt)
Masses of yellow flowers on naked twigs in Feb/March followed by glossy green leaves and large sh..
Cornus Norman Haddon (3lt)
A spreading tree with arching branches and mid-green leaves, turning yellow or pink in autumn. Gr..
Corylus colurna (70lt)
The largest of all the hazels 'colurna' has an upright pyramid habit reaching a height and spread..
Cotoneaster Rothschildianus (15lt)
A superb display of white flowers in spring followed by clusters of creamy yellow fruit  ..
Crataegus laevigata Crimson Cloud  (AKA Punicea) (13.5lt)
A very special variety of hawthorn. In late spring the whole tree is smothered in blankets of bri..
Crataegus laevigata Paul's Scarlet (13.5lt)
A select and award winning variety of hawthorn. Bright red double flowers form in clusters in lat..
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