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Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Rose Barlow (1lt)
Upright reliable perennial. Rose pink fully double flowers from Spring to early Summer. Best in m..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Ruby Port (1lt)
Vigorous upright clump forming deciduous perennial with double deep red flowers from late spring ..
Arabis x arendsi Compinkie (1lt)
Scented gently spreading mat forming evergreen perennial with numerous small pink flowers in late..
Aralia cordata Sun King (1.5lt)
Makes an unusual addition to the shady border. Leaves emerge a bright golden colour contrasting w..
Aristea ensifolia (2lt)
Fast spreading. Blue flowers produced above bright green strap-like leaves. Sheltered site in sun. M..
Artemisia absinthium Lambrook Silver (5lt)
Woody based perennial. Loose greyish yellow flower heads produced above deeply divided, aromatic,..
Artemisia lactiflora Guizhou (1lt)
White Mugwort. Clump-forming perennial with purple-flushed green leaves and stems. Panicles of cr..
Artemisia ludoviciana Silver Queen
Clump forming perennial. White woolly panicles of yellow flowers are produced above large, silver..
Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis (1lt)
Clumps of lance-shaped, usually coarsely toothed leaves, vividly white when young with small, yel..
Artemisia Powis Castle (3lt)
Woody based perennial. Silver yellow tinged flowerheads produced above aromatic feathery silver-grey..
Artemisia schmidtiana Nana (1lt)
Low evergreen perennial with silver, silky-hairy leaves. panicles of small yellow flowerheads. Fl..
Aruncus Horatio (3lt)
Large panicles of white flowers produced above green leaves in early summer. A cross between aethusi..
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