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Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing (1lt)
Queen Annes Lace. A beautiful form of purple leafed cow parsley topped with heads of white flower..
Anthyllis vulneraria coccinea (2lt)
Red kidney vetch. Spreading alpine perennial. Clusters of bright red clover like flowers flowers ..
Antirrhinum majus Black Prince (2lt)
Seed raised from seed collected here. Wonderful rich, deep red snapdragon flowers all summer. As ..
Aquilegia Crimson Star (1lt)
Vigorous upright perennial with crimson flowers with white centres from May to June. Best in fert..
Aquilegia Dragonfly (1lt)
Vigorous upright perennial with long spurred flowers of mixed colours from May to June. Best in f..
Aquilegia Red Hobbit (1lt)
Dwarf version. Compact clump forming. Red flowers with white corollas produced above divided gree..
Aquilegia vulgaris Leprechaun Gold (1lt)
Vigorous upright perennial with large violet flowers from Spring to early Summer. Best in fertile..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Black Barlow (1lt)
Clump forming perennial. Double dark purple-blue flowers appear almost black. Height and spread t..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Blue Barlow (1lt)
Double purple-blue flowers produced on tall stems above light green leaves. Any soil in sun or li..
Aquilegia vulgaris Stellata Bordeaux Barlow (1lt)
Upright, reliable perennial with dark ruby fully double flowers from late Spring to early Summer ..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Crista Barlow (1lt)
(Columbine). Vigorous upright clump forming deciduous perennial with double dark purple and white..
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Nora Barlow (1lt)
(Columbine). Vigorous upright clump forming deciduous perennial with double pink and white flower..
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